Feature Film project based on original story of science, nature, adventure and exploration to discover the secrets of life. 
Emotion and science! A paradox made of heart and mind, rationality and passion. One in search of practical answers, the other the engine that drives man in the insatiable curiosity of that spirit of adventure of great exploration related to the grandiose. Starring in this story, a team of scientists tells, through countless research projects, about their lives, discoveries and the endless relationships between the environment and humans. It’s a key to reading science! A keyhole from which to spy on life, hoping that sooner, or later, those doors will open and provide the answers to all our questions.

National Geographic Channel/FOX/CNR/SOPROMAR Spa


Production – Canon Camera Service / Thalia Srl
Director – Flavio Oliva 
DOP – Maurizio Di Loreti
Producer – Maurizio Longo
Still photographer – Flavio Oliva

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