Fisheries pressure drastically reduce the fish stock in the Mediterranea Sea.“The facts are undisputed! Fish stocks in the Mediterranean are shrinking. Some are on the verge of depletion. 93% of the fish stocks assessed are over-exploited. This is an environmental but also a social issue, as it represents a clear threat to the way of life of fishing communities around the Mediterranean”. There are several reasons for this bad state, including pollution and climate change. But there can be no doubt that extensive overfishing is one of the key causes.

Client – CNR, ISMAR, Finship Spa
Production – Explorers Society Srls 
Director – Flavio Oliva 
Executive producer – Elisabetta Carfagna
DOP and Underwater Cinematographer  – Flavio Oliva 
Camera operator – Daniele Carlevaro 
Film editing – Fabrizio Mambro

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