Riproduci video


Supported by a team of experts and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer Giovanni Chimienti dives into a hidden spot of the sea to search for these mysterious and fragile creatures, The black corals forest.

Client – National Geographic
Production – Explorers Society Srls 
Director – Flavio Oliva 
Line producer – Elisabetta Carfagna 
Executive producer – Andrea Cini
DOP and Underwater Cinematographer  – Flavio Oliva 
Camera operator – Francesco Marco D’Onghia 
Film editing – Matteo Spigariol 
Narrator – Domenico Strati 
Voiceover – Voxfarm Srl
Colourfultone Engineering – Margaret Peen 
Diving Coordinator – Adelmo Sorci 
Safety diver – Gianluca Saccotelli 
Scientific consultants – Giovanni Chimienti, Francesco Mastrototaro

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