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I’m glad to welcome you here!

( 2018 Filming underwater during the documentary production of “The Black Coral of Tremiti islands” )

( 2010 – Cave’s expedition in Romania. Sometimes I was lucky enough to be the first man in a unexplored place )

Everything you must to know about me is: “I’m a wildlife documentarist director, filmmaker and underwater cinematographer for documentaries, corporates, science dissemination and movies“.
My photographs and stories are been published on National Geographic Magazine, web site and TV.

You can engage me and rent my equipment for these performance or, if you prefer, let me tell you something more about me before you dive in my personal website.


I began my career in Visual Arts and Communication school at age 20. After graduate I spent my first part of life in advertising, graphic design and special effects, until my new life start in photojournalism and documentary 16 years ago. I ‘ve collected a total of 28 longs years of experience in this multimedia market . Now I have 48.

My work and philosophy is based to tells stories of nature, science and the impact of humans been  on our Planet.  I embrace the struggle to defend our Planet and preserve endangered animals, the climate change, pollution and the rest of the causes to menace the Earth. How? With my stories

But … I love the future! I love evolution and I love the prospective to explore the Space and Planets. I marvel about the incredible ability and ingenious of Human been for every kind of discoveries, talent of arts, passion and kindness for themselves.

I love to make films and write stories for my documentaries.
This is my rule and my ability to mix contents balanced with appropriate language for large media distribution or selected audience for Business companies and science dissemination.

For me is very important to be a part of the evolution of our story on this Planet. Everybody can do something for this. I have ability to give a voice to the other people with my personal point of view. Whit my films about wildlife and nature, I work around the world to document stories and gather different point of view out of me.
I want to understand the problem, the perspective and real causes directly on the field and I want to listen the truth behind the life of other people.

I have written and directed documentaries, reportages and short films. The list includes:

The black coral of Isole Tremiti (TV documentary 2019 – Documentary about the black coral Antipathella subpinnata, a very important habitat former of the mesophotic environment in the Mediterranean Sea). National Geographic Society “Grant Project”

ADAM satellite data analysis (Short Film Corporate 2018 – Earth Observation satellites are one of the most important assets brought to us by the space age. By helping us to understand our planet and secure our environment they benefit our daily lives in many ways). MEEO – ESA dissemination project

The Blue Gold (TV documentary 2016 – Documentary about overfishing. Fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are shrinking. Some are on the verge of depletion). FINSHIP – CNR – ISMAR – ISSIA

Urania  (Film documentary 2015 – Production work in progress)

The story of the Italian Research Vessel Urania is very sad and dramatic. Nobody know the facts behind the tragedy and also many people don’t know the incredible science journeys of this majestic vessel in 25 years of scientific expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea. I had the privilege to be a part of the crew in some expeditions and unfortunately I’m been the testimonial and film director about the end of the Vessel Urania in 2015.

Now, after the inquiry it’s been closed, I’m looking for a Film production and distributor for to continue this story until the truth emerges to the audience.

The scientists – the secret of life (TV series 2013 – A project based on original story of science, nature, adventure and exploration to discover the secrets of life. This Promo is made in collaboration with Canon, Fox Channel and National Geographic Channel.

Other projects includes science dissemination and editorial reportages for international science Institutions: (CNR, ISMAR, UNIBA, CONISMA, ISSIA, Ulster University UK, HCMR Hellenic Centre for Marine Research – GR, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis FR, Eurofleets, IRSO – International Research Ship Operators, ERVO) and publishers such as National Geographic and many others. Click here for complete list >

In 2014 I founded Explorers Society Srls. It’s a little and flexible production company based in Italy. It can manage our productions and partecipate to European Union funding projects with accredited partners.

Just for fun, try to ask me how to get in touch with a lion’s tail or run away faster then a hippo and watch a mouse bites my finger like a shark’s teeth. I say: “This is fun and scary the most of the time, but I wouldn’t do it again … Maybe!”.

So! that’s it.
Enjoy with my stories and I hope to enrich and stimulate your curiosity to get it you out of here and live your incredible adventure called life.

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